Introduces The Bullthread™


The BullThread™ is the first and only female pipe fitting that is soldered into copper water tube without increasing the OD of the tube.

The unique design of the BullThread™ follows the tried and true plumbing method. Simply stated "The best method of joining metal pipe to fittings is with threads".

The BullThread™ complies with both the Uniform Plumbing Code and the International Plumbing Code (IAPMO listed file listed 4522). The BullThread™ also complies with NSF61.

The BullThread™ is a positive threaded joint between copper water tube and any other fitting. The BullThread is not a union, and it can be installed in non-exposed locations.

A BullThread™ copper stubout eliminates the "hidden problems" associated with bullet nose stubouts. Our threaded poly plugs allow the plumber to inspect the water line for potential problems.

Copper BullThread Stubouts
Copper Stubouts, Chromed with Polyplugs

The BullThread™ offers a long list of pluses. View our videos and listen to plumbers and experts who have used and experienced the benifits of the BullThread™.

Completed BullThread™ Assembly